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In the first weekend in April the place to be is Groenlo, DC Jackpot organised for the 9th time open Groenlo with saturday the doubles and on sunday the singles events. On the sunday there were more than 130 players from far and wide, England, Belgium, Germany and Russia. In the ladies event Irina Armstrong was just too good for the rest and went on to win the final 5-0 from clarissa Shroen, not that Clarrisa played bad, Irina was simply in a class of her own. On his way to the final Toon Greebe had not lost a leg, his oppoment Harm "el capo" de Vries soon changed all that and took a 2-0 lead. With the pressure showing the game became very scrappy in legs 3 and 4 only to come back to life again in leg 5. Toon levelled the score at 4-4 and the players then threw no less tan 5 times for the bull to decide who began leg 9. it was Toon who eventually threw first and after 9 darts was on a 170 finish, he did not hit the big finish but still threw the winning double to take the 2011 mens singles title. Next year is the tenth jubille event, so watch this space for future details.

My compliments to the organisers, a well run event, no long waiting around and finished before studio sport, well done.

Open Kennermerland 2011, was a great succes, okay the number of players was, as with many events less than men would have liked but there is nothing we can do about that at the moment so less said the better. The event itself was well organised, ran smoothly and was finished by zeven in the evening, and that after three finals, not bad at all really.

Youth event Bryan Duyneveld beat Niels zonneveld 3-1

Ladies event Irena Armstrong beat Samantha Rupke 5.1

Mens event Steve West beat Dirk Mertens 2-0 in sets 

On saturday evening there was a doubles event the final was between Dirk and Davy Mertens and Jimmy Hendriks and Ryan De Vreede. jimmy and Ryan won an exiting match 4-3



One great bonus of what I do is that you get to meet new people, make new friends and if you are lucky keep in touch. Seven years ago in Ens I met Sabine, a young girl full of life and a very nice person, last weekend in steenwijk we bumped into each other again, Sabine now very much a young lady. take a look for yourselves,

still say this time she should have picked me up.

Floortje v Zanten en Rico Dera winnen open Steenwijkerland singles.....

Open Padoc in Woerden, this year on the 2nd ofJanuary, was like every year a well run event with a great atmosphere. 97 players started the afternoon. There was not a ladies event although several ladies did take part, it was  Saskia v Zoeren who took the title of best lady. The mens final was one of a very high standard and was between Jerry Hendricks and twice former winner Ron Meulenkamp. Ron threw 159 T20 T15 T18 to leave a double, Jerry was not to be outdone and he also threw a number of excellent combinations in order to set up a finish. There can be only one winner and it was Ron who once again took the title. Jelle and Wichard travelled there with me, Wichard missed the bull for a 167 finish, and me well I missed the bull for a 170 finish, still was a good afternoon and the event will once more take place at the end of this year.

29th of December traditional for the NES festival open Den Ham, one of the very best events of the year. 218 men and 19 ladies travelled to the gierdijk, we were there with Jelle Muller, Wichard Knoops and Wouter Vaes, Wouter finished 5th after being 2-0 up. The finals were as usual of a high standard, Jill Achterhoek beat Cindy Stoelhorst 4-1 and Fabian Rosenbrand beat Christian Kist 4-3 in a very good final, for next year the date is already set, 29th December, so hope to c u all there

how the others could put their arms up I do not know


Open Twente in Overdinkel, once again a daunting entry field, It was nearly an all Englisg final, Ronnie Peel going from 4-2 up to lose 5-4. The final was between Fabian Rosebrand and Tony West. As expected a fast and furious affair, very high scoring. The winner - Tony 6-4, a great game of darts.

to everyone who thinks the dartsport is only for unfit people, here is a photo of our two teams for the 7 hills race in Nijmegen on the 21st of this month.



The Masters ranking took place last night, Camping Leudal in haelen as always the location, The best of the rest title going this year to Jolanda Snijders. In the A round Marcel found himself 2-0 down in his 1/4 final against Jouri, he fought back to take the game 3-2 with some impressive throwing, The family battle, farther and son Verboeket this time went to the son, Eric beating Leo 3-2 in a hard fought game. The semis were a little less exciting, Marcel and myself progressed to the final. In the poule I had beaten Marcel 3-1, in the final I was 3-2 in front but could just not get the last double in, at 3-3 Macel left 16, I needed 138, T20 T18 both went in but the D12 didn,t, Marcel a true champ finished the game and took the masters title 2010, Congrats.

The Banbao gift box went to Jolanda,s children who could not wait to go home to open the box, their photo is on the prize winners page.

Open roermond also took place yesterday, Because even I can not be in to places at the same time I could not be there. Davy Venken took the title this year beating Roermonds Roy Kempkens.   


On the 21st of November I will be taking part in the "7 heuvelen loop" - 7 hills run in Nijmegen. together with my colleagues I will attempt to run the 15 km,s in a respectable time. I will also be running for the charity which I support - should anyone wish to sponsor me for this run check out their site, for those who don,t speak Dutch just contact me at for all the details, thanx in advance.





Open Glanenbrug suffered as many other events from the lack of television covarage of our sport. The entry field was lower than was hoped, however the standard of darts was of world class. In my very first game I recieved a lesson in darts that I have rarely had. The teacher, the eventual winner of the event Martijn Soomers. Not only a hand full of 180,s a 160 finish to boot, don,t think that one game lasted longer than 15 darts, welcome in glanerbrug I thought to myself. In the semi-final Martijn beat Fabian Roosenbrand, a great game to watch, both players throwing an amazing standard. In the final Martijn beat Ron Meulenkamp. Ron who played well all day could unfortunatly not find that form again in the final. Tha ladies event was won by......sorry, however the biggest winner of the day was Lars, this is the young man who won the BanBao police building set. The box was nearly as big as Lars, his smile however was even bigger.


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The new dart season started yesterday,  DC Leudal where I play my darts will be once again in 1e Klasse A. First game was against "de Hoeskamer" from Boekel. We went 0-2 down but brought it back to 2-2 after the singles. The two doubles games both went each way 3-3. In the secomd set of singles it was guts and determination that got us thruogh. Marcel came back from 0-2 down to win 3-2, then Leo played out of his socks, a real captains game, not dropping a leg, now it was 5-4. We could no longer lose burt a win would be much better, with this in mind it was me who played the last leg, did not go as flowing as I would have liked, still play below par and win, I,ll take that. So the first win is in the bag. Next week first round of the cup, out against "Bij Geert" from Maasbracht.


G darts Leudal is once again a great succes this year, still have the youth event to go this afternoon. Saturday there were more than 50 players, all with some form of handicap, for their own event. Joey teberge was there to lend a helping hand with the scoring and melt a few girls hearts. Tha players were split into two groups with single and doubles finishes, A lot of laughing faces and some very good darts, the winner (who,s name I do not have at this time) threw both legs out on double 16 with one dart, he then went on to beat Joey and did this once again, three doubles 100%, not bad at all really.

Saturday evening was the wild card event, 32 players all hoping to play in Nuland next week. In the knockout stage the A group played best of 11 and the B group best of 5. In Nuland they will also be playing best of 11. In the semi final Johan v lier beat Jonny petermans 6-5 and went on to meet a very strong Davey Venken. Johan started slower but went on to win 6-4 in a very good game of darts. both Johan and Davey recieved wild cards for next week and we wish them both good luck in Nuland. The B event, well I won that proud to say.


The first full weekend in September was once again set aside for Kids day in Erp.wp9a5cb4db.png 
as always a well run event, unfortunately the number of players was once again on the low side. This did not take away from the standard, high scores and 100+ finishes were aplenty. The final was won by Jordy Terburg 5-3 from Geert van den Berg. Tomorrow the kids day team have their big day, simply making kids happy. Next year I will once again be there, Hope to see a bigger entry field, they definatly deserve it.


It was a long drive from Limburg up to Haulerwijk, but it was well worth it. A 170 finish from Fabian Roosenbrand when under pressure was only one of the many fine shots that I witnessed. There were three finals on stage, all of a very high standard, Tony West hit two 124 finishes in his final T20 14 bull and 20 T18 bull as he went on to beat Rudy v/d Veen 4-1. the ladies final saw two young ladies from the same poule fight it out on stage. Charona de Laat began very strong but it was Floortje v Zanten that went on to win 5-2. The very best was saved till last, Fabian Roosenbrand took on Toon Greebe in the best of 11. This one went all the way, both players breaking throw only to be broke back in the next game. The last leg went to Fabian, but take nothing away from Toon, he played just as good. A well run event and will I was told take place again next year, so watch out for the "Snikke open 2011" a tournamnet well worth taking part in.


Two perfect legs, a ten darter, the highest finish of the evening and a new ave record, not bad for one nights work. Phil Taylor was in absolute top form on the final night of the premier league, howevr do not forget James Wade, he pushed Phil again and again. Who says darts is not a sport or is not entertainig enough for television.


Toon Greebe beat Jan v/d Rassel 6-3 to win the Jacco sport open Wijk en Aalburg yesterday. Together with Jerry Hendriks I travelled there to see a very strong entry field line up at 20.00. Jerry lost in the last 16, me, I lost in the 1/4 finals to Jan v/d Rassel 4-2. could have made it 3-3, missed one dart for tops, one of my best reults ever. Once again a well run event there, so hope to c u all there next time


The last day of the competition was yesterday, we finished (that is Leudal 1) by beating Aldenghoor1 6-4. This means that we finish 4th in 1e klasse A in the RWDC. The shot of the week came from team captain Leo Verboeket, his opponent missed his double, Leo needed 110, and as only Leo can finished with 20 D20 bull, not much more you can say about that really. Next week the last ranking and then the cup final.


Up until yesterday I wrote a column voor de site dartfreakz, unfortunatly they have decided to pull the plug and stop my monthly column. From all the positive reactions I have recieved I have decided to continue to write a monthly column, and then to place it on my own site. So to everyone who read what I had to say watch this space .........


Open Groenlo in de City Lido , one of the best locations in Holland to hold a tournament. The whole building is, how should I put it, comfortable, not too large but still roomy, it just felt good to play there. I traveled there with Anneke Houben, Kerstin de Vries and on the way we picked up Jerry Hendriks in Venlo. After the poule,s we were all still in our repective A events, but as usual in the knockout stage I could not reproduce any form at all and lost 4-2, end of my day of darts. Anneke and Kerstin met each other in the semi final, Anneke, Anneke, double trouble kept you out of the final, having played well all day you just failed to hit the doubles, pity that, still it meant that Kerstin would play Marilou Damen in the final (this young lady is someone to watch out for in the future). Kerstin took a 2-0 lead before Marilou took the next four legs and the 2010 ladies title. In the mens final Jerry took on Arnold Bos, Arnold took out a 129 finish T19 T16 D12, but still had to be content with second place on the day. Jerry played good all day, and took the title 5-2 in legs. All in all a very good day, a well run event in a good location, hopefully c u all there next year.

 This years winner Jerry Hendriks, by the way your stage music yesterday was from "Buffy the vampire slayer".

Henri Klein and Floortje v Zanten win the first edition of open Kennermerland. Once again a well run event, next year there will be a doubles tournament on the saturday evening, this event has plans for the future and will grow to become a major event on the dart calender


this weekend was open Steenwijkerland,the only thing I can think of saying to the organisation is "Chapeau" A fantastic event, well organised, well set up with 76 doubles, 190 mens singles and 40 ladies singles. There was more than enough room for the darters and supporters, and the final was set up with a great deal of fore thought which payed dividends. all in all a good weekend, saturday Tony West and Gino Vos beat Jelle klaasen to take the double title, my partner - Femke Steur - and myself lost in the last 16, sorry Femke once again double trouble. On Sunday Karin Krappe beat Tamara Schuur to take the ladies title and Jelle beat Henri Klein to take he mens title. Henri took out a 170 finish to earn him an introduction motor bike lesson care of Vekeers school Harrie v Hout, not sure where Henri lives but he will have to travel to Limburg for the lesson.....


This morning I heard the tragic news that Wiel Gruzen a very good friend had died in a car acident last friday night. Wiel was one of the three people who asked me to referee my very first darts match, member of DC dorp in Roermond, Wiel was always there to help everyone in any way he could. He will be missed not only by his family but also by all who knew him.

 I would on behalf of myself and my family, to wish his family our deepest condoloncies.


Had two tournaments this week, on Sunday I was in Woerden for the Padoc open. A very strong playing Jelle Klaassen took the title beating Ron Meulenkamp in the final. Yesterday in the tent in Den Ham for the Nes festival. As always it was a full house. Over 190 players begon but it was Rick Hofstra who after finishing twice now managed to go one beter. The ladies title went to Floortje v Zanten.


The 5th Open Meijel tournament took place yeaterday, unfortunatly there was not only a PDC event this weekend, in Venlo only a few kilometers away there was an NDB ranking. This obviously affected the entry field, 72 men and 16 ladies still found their way to Meijel. As always in Meijel there were 20 boards so from the second round in both the ladies and mens events the best of 7 was played.

The winner of open Roermond, Sabrina Sandifort once again reached a final where Kirstin Devries awaited her, Kirstin, who is taking more and more titles this year was once again the winner beating Sabrina 4-2

In the mens final the ever improving Christian van Overdijk took on Johnny Petermans. The scoreline of 5-0 does not tell the whole story, Christian played well, Johnny just played better, high scores and good finishing led him to the title.

Next year 14th November there will once again be open Meijel, so hope to c u all there.



Roermonds jubillee tournament, the tenth, was once again a great success. Ten years after Sjaak Proosten the very first open Roermond won a young man who was then only ten years old took the title today. Jerry Hendriks beat Rudzjak Hopic 6-4 in the final. In the 8th leg Jerry took out a 170 finish and thought for one moment that he had won, this gave his opponent the chance to take one leg back before Jerry won with the throw the 10th leg to win 6-4.

Defending champion Jonny Petermans en Pedro Heijnen were among the entries, remember that in Nuland there was a PDC event and in Veldhoven one from the BDO, even so with over 130 entries this was once again a well run, well organised event, my compliments to Leo, Bert, Wiel Bernie en Peter + all the other members of DC dorp.

Mens event,

1.      Jerry Hendriks

2.      Rudzjak Hopic

3.      Pedro Heijnen - Marco Pol

Ladies Single

1.      Sabrina Sandifort

2.      Samantha Liinnsen



The draw for the lakeside 2010 has been made, visit for all the details


A very big thankyou to everyone who supported me with my collection for the charity "Greyhounds in nood Nederland" we have just heard that the collection box that we handed over at the begining of this month had the princley sum of €538.72 in it. On thier site you can read all about our reunion day, also thankyou once again to the shop Masolijn in roermond for their kind donation.


Open Kessel took place yesterday, unfortunatly there were not the numbers of players we had hoped for, there was however a very high level of darts to be seen. In the poule fase Pedro Heijnen put away a 170 finish, winning him a motor bike lesson from vekeers school Harrie v Hout. Pedro finally ended second in his poule which meant he faced Friend and rival Jerry Hendriks in the first semi-final. In the other half of the draw Irina Armstrong faced Paul Out jr, losing out 3-2 in an exiting game which either player could have won. The seocnd semi final saw Paul defeat local player Har Nijssen, Jerry defeated Pedro and went on to meet Paul for the third time in a final in the last few weeks.

The B round saw Dennis Raaijer defeat Jeroen Franssen and the fans were all still waiting for Dennis when he recieved his prize of 3 liters of beer. The A final went all the way, high scoring and good finishing, Paul hit a 100+ finish on the bull to tie the score at 3-3. In the last leg Jerry decided to push the turbo in even further and hit 180 180 only to push the wire up with his 7th dart, Paul did not panic and came back strongly, the gap however was there and Jerry hit the last double to take first place.

It was a good day of darts, we had the local radio station", radio Peel and Maas, as guest all afternoon and their reporter sent live comentary back to the studio throughout the event. This meant that everyone in the area could follow the darts as well as other  local and national sporting events.


As many of you may know one of my passions are my dogs, we have two greyhounds and a hunting dog. the greyhounds are from the foundation GINN greyhounds in nood Nederland. Every year they hold a reunion and this year is no differant. on 4th October in Oss see for all the details. In the past I have approached many of you with my pontoon tickets, well this year at the reunion I will once again sell the tickets but the prizes are slightly differant. Seeing as everyone there also has greyhounds the prizes are, well see for yourselves

 with a bit of luck we can raise some money for the dogs, nothing to do on the 4th of October then come and take a look. the dog is from the shop Masolin in Roermond by the way.


Day 2 of the Leudal G darts tournament. Today the youth were there to show what they could do. spread over three catogaries - here the results.

3 to 5 years, Gino v Es beat Luciano v Es

8 to 11 years, Ginger Goldberg beat Femke Muller

12 to 15 years, Coy v Meegen beat Jordy Kolgen.

one thing worth mentioning, for the smallest players the organisers had placed an extra board under the normal board. This way everyone of all heights could play against each other, very simple very clever and very effective.


The 2nd Leudal G Dart Toornament was once again a great success. Over 40 players, all with a handicap made their way to the camping this afternoon and not only did they see good darts but were also entertained by Steve West and Michael v Gerwen. The atmosphere was very relaxed whilst everyone wanted to take the first prize home with them.

In the first final - single out - Jan Peeters beat Ronald Bruynen 2-0, in the second final - double out, Wilco Huymans beat Maurice Berghs 2-0. Next year there will once again be a G dart event so watch out for the date and make sure you are there.

In the evening there was a single tournament, unfortunately there were only 28 entries, a great shame as this is always a well run event. The level of darts was very high, I of course was in the poule of death and just managed to get into the B round, Johnny Petermans was kind enough to give me a free dart lesson, 12 darts followed by a 170 finish ( another motorbike lesson from Harrie v hout) follwed by a 15 dart leg, thankyou Johnny. Altogether there were 21 maximums and two 170 finishes.

here the results,

Final Johan v Lier 5 - 3 Johnny Petermans,

3rd Steve West Dre v Roy

B round

Daniel Verdonschot 3 -2 Stuart Clarke

3rd Wouter Vaes Marcel v/d Heuvel,

best lady on the evening was Kerstin de Vries.


Kids day darts 2009, for the third year running the event took place this time in Erp. Unfotrunately the entry field was not what had been expected, PDC in Austria and BDO in England, however the atmosphere was just as before fantastic. You would expect the level of darts to have suffered but this was not the case, from the start of the youth final, where one young man had to use a stool to retrieve his darts, to the winning double in the mens final there were darts of hgh quality. The youth final saw Levi Frauenfelder take on Lars Fransen, that Lars nearly a foot taller was did not bother Levi in the least and he came out all guns blazing, a fast and high scoring final, who says darts is not a sport when you see two young boys competing against each other, working out their finishes and then throwing what they require. Lars went on to win, however all credit to Levi, he gave his all and I am convinced his day will come. In the B final Tim Fontijn set the level with a 170 finish in the very first leg, "he never does that at home" came from the spectators, this 170 earned him a motor bike lesson from verkeersschool Harry v Hout, great hillarity from his supporters throughtout the match, did not however take away from the game, played with a laugh by both players who still did eveything to win the game. Hans v Elzen finally had to conceed that Tim the better man was on the day. In the mens final Bjorn Fransen, family ?? took on Michel v Rooy, Michel I know very well as he plays in the same competition as me an is a very good player. Bjorn I did not know, however he can throw a decent dart as well, a high scoring final ended up 5-2 for Bjorn, but credit to both players.

Next year kids day will once again organise this event, so if you want a good day out, well organised event, serious but relaxed darts and support a charity, well I will see you there.


Well after a summer away from the dart board it is time to once again focus on the new season. Next weekend I will kick off with the Kids day dart tournament in Veldhoven, always a well run event and of course is for a good cause. More details can be found either via my diary or visit

As most of you know I also have a charity which I hold close to my heart, Greyhounds in nood nederland, "de hondjes" as my wife says, well I thought for this year I would try something differant in an attempt to collect money. I have put together a number of questions, all multiple choice, and for the price of one drink you can try to answer them. Some of the questions are quite tricky and some are not, whoever gets the most questions right will win a prize, not sure yet what it will be till I know if you are all interested in haveing a go but think along the lines of beer.

Well nothing left but to wish you all a good dart season, hope to c u all at one event or another,


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Andy Smith had a good day at the office today in the players championship in Dinslaken, Germany. Not only did he defeat Colin Lloyd 6-5 in the final he also hit a 9 darter in the 1/4 final against Mark Walsh. His win moves him up 3 places on the order of merit to 23rd.


Mark Walsh and Colin Osbourne win in Barnsley, the in form Colin defeated Gary Anderson Mark beat in turn Colin on Staurday. Anastasia moves up too nummber 99 in the order of merit, Gary Anderson to number 51, with another two events this weekend in Germany they have another chance of climbing the rankings.


As from today I have my own column naturally all about the dart sport. It will be in Dutch and can be found at  Here I shall on ave once a month give my views on what is happening, has happend and quite possibly is going to happen in and around our sport. Hope you all enjoy the read..


I know I know that I am a Sheffield wednesday supporter, and always will be, still congratulations to Roda JC.


Results after a tournament are just as important as advertising before. It is a great shame that this gets forgotten as soon as an event is finished. Everyone wants a good tournament, then make sure it is good to the very end and post the results as well.


When can the organisers of a local dart tournament say that their event a success was. Do you need 250 players or top names in the sport to take part, no I don,t think so. What you do need is enough local players for the atmosphere and make sure your boards dont stand empty too long. The second Velddriel open matched up to this and more. Starting at 19.00uur with a doubles event followed by the singles the finals were all finished just after midnight. What helped the atmosphere was the fact that in the B round no money but beer could be won, in both events the first prize was 2ltr beer. In the A round the 5th place finishers all recieved 1ltr beer. Funny thing was that no one minded waitng till after the final for their beer, this in turn meant that the finals had good support from "thirsty" supporters. The event went very well and hopefully their will be a repat next year.


1. Pim v Veenendaal / Jamaal Elmaria beat Arno v/d Boogaart / Lenart v/d gladbeek.


Pim v Veenedaal beat Rene Euwijk

Pim retains the title he won last year.


The end of another season, yes yes I know we (DC the Family) got relegated, still it was a good season. The rankings were decicded a few weks ago and tonight there was the closing tournament of rhe RWDC, and as usual everyone played in their own division. In the 3rd division Michael Lahaye beat Joris Peters, 2nd Division Mark v/d Hill beat Billy out, Billy was the only lady to reach a final this year. In the first division John Hodzelmans came back from 3-1 down to beat Eef v/d Pas 4-3 with a run of darts anyone would have been proud of. In the "hoofdklasse" the ranking champion Daniel Verdonscot took on Mike Gaeta (finished 3rd in the ranking) as expected a final of high class, Mika took out a 170 finish which earned him a introduction motor bike lesson courtosy of Vekeers school Harrie v Hout, this was however not enough, Daniel threw the winning double beating Mike 4-3, could have gone both ways, missed doubles cost Mike the match.

My compliments to the comittee of the RWDC, once again a successful season and they have already allocated the rankings and cup locations for next season, se



After two years Bakkerij Pomp in Buggenum has decided to end their sponsoring. Of course I would like to thank them for all the "limburgse Vlaai" that they have given for organisers througout the whole of Holland.


The Tuesday bfore "Hemelvaart" there is traditionally a tournament in Wijk en Aalburg, this year was no differant. Remembering that this was a Tuesday evening and a lot of people still have to work the next morning the organisers can look back on a very successful event. Shortly before 8pm 60+ darters threw their first darts of the evening. Defending champion Michael v Gerwin went 2-0 down to Ruzdia Hopic before fighting back to win 3-2, other first round matches were among others Toon Greebe against Peter v/d Veer. These two games alone give an idea of the kind of players who turned up. The B final was won by Ruzdia Hopic who beat Jan Vos. The A final between Tony West and Christian Overdijk, went all the way, having missed match darts in the 10th leg Christian took the 11th leg and the title.

The final was over just after midnight, this is down to tyhe organisers who ran the event very well, next year there will be a ladies event as well. so..... the tuesday before "Hemelvaart" you know where to be, thats right Wijk en Aalburg.



Jamie comes from 6-4 behind to win 6-5 and take his first PDC title.

Jamie will play Alan Tabern in the final

Co loses 6-2 to Jamie Caven

Co beats Steve Beaton 6-5 to reach the semi final.

Co beat Toon 6-4 in round 4

Toon Greebe beats John Part 6-4 in round 3.

Jamie Caven beat Vinvent v/d Voort 6-5 in round 3


After his success yesterday Gary Anderson only managed to reach round 3 of the Welsh regional final losing out 6-5 to Steve Beaton.

Other results so far, Toon Greebe beat Jelle klaasen 6-5, James Barton beat Michael v Gerwin 6-5, Lee Williams beat Jan v/d Rassel 6-5.



Jelle en toon both reach the last 8 in the Welsh players championship in Newport. both players losyt out 6-5 in their games. The final is between Gary Anderson and Mervin king. Latest score 3-1 for Gary.

Now 4-1, is Gary on course for his first PDC pro-tour victory??.

4-2... victory would push Gary up to the 59th position on the order of merit, not bad after only 4 months on the PDC circuit.


Gary wins 6-2 to take his first PDC title, congratulaions.................


Congratulions to DC Leudal from Haelen, the first team won promotion and the second team went one beter by winning their division. Next season (seeing as we got relagted) we will be oppononents, may the best team win, yeah right..................

Koninginnedagdarts in Taveerne de Molen in Meppel took place today and was a great success. The weather outside may have kept some people away, well that was their loss. A very well run tournament, I did not hear one complaint, not only that nearly all the players stayed for the finals. The two finals were both of a high standard, in the A final Ryan de Vrede hit back to back 180,s remember this was a doubles event. The B final went to Jan Huls and Robert Knol, they defeated Henk Roermond and Anne Kuik 4-2. The A final went all the way and was followed by loud cheers but also absolute silence as the supporters were treated to an epic match. The winners were Henk Dozeman and Jarno Lier, their opponents Santino Broer and Ryan de Vrede were second but today there were believe me no losers.

Congratulations on a well run event, for everyone who missed it,well theres always next year.


The 7th open Groenlo took place this weekend, the ladies title went to cindy Stoelhorst, the mens to Danny blom.

The Sunday in derby was for Mark Walsh, he defeats Raymond 6-5 in the final. A good weekend for Co, his results move him into the top 32 giving him direct qualification to all the major events.

Jan v/d Rassel moves ever closer to a top 40 ranking and Anastasia takes yet another step towards the top 100.

New boys Gary Anderson and Mark Webster both move up the order of merit once again, Gary is now the highest ranked "rookie" on the order of merit.


PDC pro-tour Derby. James Wade defeated Colin Lloyd 6-4 to take his second title of 2009. Gary Anderson hit his first PDC 9 darter against Darren Lathem. Raymond and Co both reached the 1/4 finals, this result will put Co into the top 32 for the first time,

Michael v Gerwin defeats Vincent v/d voort in an all Dutch pro-tour final in Taunton.  This his first win in two years earns Michael +- €7200 and moves him up the rankings once more.

The 5th open Dussen took place this afternoon. A very well run event, the standard of play was excellent, and once again another local talent who I had never heard of led the way.

The ladies final went 4-2 to Aileen de Graaf, she beat Eefje v/d Meiden.

in the mens event local lad Roy Westerlaken beat Joey Teberge in the semi final, waiting for him in the final was Peter v/d Veer. Peter started with 5 T20,s on his way to taking the first leg. High scores and good finishing brought the score to 4-4 in the last leg it was Roy who threw the last double, this game however had only winners, a great final.

Vincent V/d Voort hits a 9 darter in Nuland, Gary Anderson almost did the same missing D12 by the  smallest of margins. The final once again Gay against Phil Taylor, Gary will storm into the top 100 of the order of merit no matterwhat the outcome.

The 7th open Leudal took place this evening, not a huge entry field, however one of high class. Jonny Petermans won the final 5-2 from Daniel Verdonschot, the B final went 3-0 to Jeroen Franssen, he beat Coy van meegen, the best lady (who just happened to beat me) was Kirten de Vries.

The 170 bonus went to Eric Verboeket, so he will be ringing Harry v Hout next week about his introduction motorbike lesson, congratulations Eric.

Gary Anderson reached his first PDC pro-tour final in Nuland today, his opponent no one less than Phil taylor missed double 18 for a nine darter. The result 6-5 for Taylor, this result will place Anderson in or around the 100th place in the order of merit.

 All the details have now been ironed out with Vekeersschool Harrie v Hout, as from today anyone throwing a 170 finish in a event where I am calling will recieve a free introdution 1 1/2 hour motor bike lesson   

Alle details zjn nu rond met vekeersschool Harrie v hout, zou iemand een 170 finish gooien tijdens een toernooi waar ik ben akls caller dan krijgen ze een gratis introductie 1 1/2 uur durend motor rij les.

Jan V/d Rassel reached his first PDC pro-tour semi-final yesterday in coventry, well done Jan. He will move up the rankings once more after this weekend, he is now close to moving into the top 40.

The rise of Anastasia also continues, she lost out to Steve Beaton yesterday, this will not slow her down as she moves ever closer to a top 100 place.

The 5th open Nijeveen doubles was a great sucess, the maximum of 128 pairs (and with several on the reserve list) started in a poule system. There were several exiting games with the local players recieving loud cheers from the crowd.

The B final was won by Roel Koster and Arjan Schra from Mark Scholte and Bennie Compangner 4-2 in legs. The A final, played over the best of 7 sets, 3 legs in a set, was a very close game, all the sets went 2-1. Last years winners Henri Klein and Raymond Chen had to settle for second place this time, the winners were Emiel Nijholt and Martin Jonkers, the score 4-2.

The date for next years event is already known, so for your diary 21st of March the 6th open Nijeveen doubles.


Robert Thornton,s double this weekeend moved him up 4 places in the PDC order of merit to number 18, Dennis Priestly also had a good weekend moving into the top 10.

Raymond remains the highest rankes Dutch player, Vincent remains at number 17. Roland Scholten dropped 1 place to 21st, Jelle, Michael, Co, Jan, Remco en Toon all held their places.

Anastasia jumped 6 places and is now 108th, the two new kids on the block Gary Anderson and Mark Webster both leapt up the order of merit, Mark went from 302 ==> 130 and gary from 397 ==> 196.


All the details have now been ironed out with Vekeersschool Harrie v Hout, as from today anyone throwing a 170 finish in a event where I am calling will recieve a free introdution 1 1/2 hour motor bike lesson   

Alle details zjn nu rond met vekeersschool Harrie v hout, zou iemand een 170 finish gooien tijdens een toernooi waar ik ben akls caller dan krijgen ze een gratis introductie 1 1/2 uur durend motor rij les.

There will be one lesson per event available, should more than one person hit a 170 finish then there will be a "shoot out" after the final. The shoot out is simple, all players will throw a maximum of 9 darts starting at 170. The player who finishes in the least number of darts will be the winner. This bonus is for all events, single, double or team.



 Good news, as from today I am happy to announce that Vekeers school Harrie v Hout in horn has agreed to sponsor me. Not only myself but also local events will profit from this sponsorship. All details need to be ironed out, however there will be a 170 finish bonus available,

This school is where my daughter took her lessons, and.......... passed first time, so if you are looking for a good driving school look no further than

Vekeersschool Harrie v Hout

Bergerweg 35c

6085 AT Horn



The news is now not so new, Mark Webster and Gary Anderson have taken the step of joining the PDC and will take part on the Pro-tour. Both have to start at rock bottom, now I wonder, where will they be after their first PDC weekend. Mark will play in Gladbeck and Gary in Irvine a week later. At this moment should Mark win his first event he would enter the order of merit as 87th, given that the maximum is that he can wiin on the tour. Of course should he win sunday as well then he would be 63rd. Now I think (sticking my neck out again) that he will do quite well, he will have prepared for this event I know I would have. The last sixteen should be his aim and if he has a good day, remember everything is new he will reach the last 8. Gary will have home advantage, very clever starting in Scotland, would not suprise me if Gary went all the way to the final at his first attempt. I wish them both well and look forward to watching them play on the Pro-tour this year.



last 16 in the RWDC cup, we (as usual) will play no further role this season. Leudal 1 was at home to Prins 1 from vlodrop, an evening of good darts, plenty of fighting spirit and not one but two finishes of 102 by Andre Maassen, both 17 T17 D17, Prins 1 went on to win 6-4 and progress to the last 8, only thing left to be said is this "Marcel, there was no curry or mustard".................

What a finish, Terry Jenkins on a double and Wayne throws a 160 finish to level the match. I do not know what anyone else was doing but I was on my feet, simply brilliant.


"Darts in niet meer in trek" of "er is geen interresse meer in darts" deze, en andere zinnen hoor ik vaker, zeker vanaf vorige zomer toen liep het aantal deelnemers bij toernooien terug. Op dit moment trekt het, in mijn mening weer aan, daarbij de men die zeggen dat er geen toernooien meer zijn moet heel even de tijd nemen om te kijken op dartpagina bijvoorbeeld. Op dit moment zijn er meer toernooien dan ooit, geef ik toe niet allemaal grote en vaak kom ik ranking toernooien tegen, het aantal is wel verbluffend. Men hoeft echt geen grote afstanden te reizen om te kunnen darten, overall zijn er toernooien voor de grote jongens en ook voor spelers uit de lager divisies.

Om dit te onderstrepen even de volgende. Afgelopen vrijdag avond was er de 5e ranking avond van de RWDC, de roemondse bond, mischien de oudste bond van Nederland, telt +- 800 leden, een zogenoemde "wilde bond" die sterker is nu dan ooit van te voren in zijn bestaan. De ranking toernooien zijn altijd goed bezet, afgelopen vrijdag was het ook zo. 112 spelrs verdeeld over 3 catorgerien waren bij cafe de Roerzicht in Vlodrop om te strijden voor de punten. Er zijn avonden van meer dan 180 deelnemers, meestal de eerste twee avonden zijn het drukste bezocht. Vrijdag strande ik bij de laatste 16, mijn tegenstander Roy was gewoon een maatje te groot, de winnaar was uiteindelijk Ricardo Linssen, bij de tweede klasse was dat R. Haskar en bij de dames Kerstin de Vries.

Nee in mijn mening is darts allang niet afgeschreven in Nederland, in tegendeel het leeft als nooit van te voren, volgende week is het de beker ronde, ga ik denk ik op bezoek bij Marcel op de camping (Leudal) gezien hij reed vrijdag, en het gaat zonder te zeggen dat in de eerste ronde wij stond tegen over elkaar, sorry Marcel (echt niet......)



"Femeke Fatale" Femke Steur and Rick Hofstra won the third edition of the Predac open Steenwijkerland. Femke who played strongly all day, she booke the highest finish of 156, beat Tamara Schuur in a final of high quality. The highest finish in the mens event went to Wesly Harms with 167. Rick played Jan v/d Rassel in the final, only the first set was one sided 3-0 to Rick after that evey leg was hard fought. With the score tied at 2-2 in sets ans 2-2 in legs it was anybody,s game. Jan missed one match dart and then had to watch as Rick hit double top for the game.

There were many high quality games with a number of 100+ finishes. A well run event, my compliments to the organisrers.


Steve West won tge 4th edition of Ouderkerk open. More than 160 plyers lined up for this event, it was Steve who threw the winnind double beating Sjoerd Nieuwhof in the final. For photo,s + all results visit


Gibraltar double for Taylor,

Sunday Phil was once again the best, beating Mark Dudbridge 6-1

Anastasia beat Marti Santamaria 6-3 in the prelimanary round, losing in round 1  6-3 from Mark Walsh.

Jelle lost in de second round 6-4 to Colin Lloyd

Michael lost in the second round 6-2 to Darren Johnson

Roland lost in the third round 6-1 to Phil Taylor

Order of merit

Roland -1 17 => 18

Jelle 25 => 25

Michael +1 32 =>  31

Anastasia +2 129 => 127

Eddie Cox Memorial, Gibralter,

Prelimanary round,

Jelle Klaasen - Sean Palfrey 6-2

Roland Scholten -Nicholas Cumbo 6-0

Mark Dudbridge - Anastasia Dobromyslova 6-0

Michael v Gerwin - Ian Perkins 6-0

First round,

Jelle Klaasen -Jonathen Overton 6-1

John Quantock- Roland Scolten 6-5

Michael v Gerwin Tony Blundell 6-0

Second round

Phil Taylor - Jelle klaasen 6-1

Kevin Painter - Michael v Gerwin 6-5

Mark Walsh throws his first competetive 9 darter.

Semi final

Phil Taylor - Colin Osbourne 6-5

Alan Tabern - -Mark Dudbridge 6-4

Final Phil Taylor - Alan Tabern 6-2. 

Colin Lloyd wins in doncaster the Blue square UK open regional final, he beat Colin Osbourne 6-1 in the final. Best Dutch player was once again Jelle, Co reached the last 16 

Bobby Bourne Memorial results,

Terry Jenkins beat Mark Dudbridge 6-3 in the final yesterday.

Jelle Klaasen reached the last eight and Vincent v/d Voort the last sixteen.

Anastasia reached the second round in her first PDC event after the world championships,


Open Den Ham 2008 was once again a great succes, with more than 200 players finding their way to the Gierdijk. my own game was once more a question of getting in front no problem, stasying in front was a differant matter.

The Ladies event was won by Claudia Engelschalk she beat Jaqueline Draaisma 4-2 in a good final. This was just the warming up for what was a fantastic mens final. When it got to 3-3 I thought no maximum up to now, well thats when all hell broke loose. The very next game 5 140,s on the trot, high scores, good finishing and then it was suden death.Christian Kist was closer to the bull than Rick Hofstra and used this advantage to the full throwing double 8 to take the title. There will always be a second place but this match really deserved two winners.

From Roermond the youth showed what they can do, Jelle Muller (5th in the B round) Anneke Houben (3rd ladies B round) Jeremy Eikelnberg as myself unfortunatly left with empty hands. Good experiance for these young players so in future watch out for them as the RWDC is going out and about................

The stichting Dart Party has announced thaat after 8 years they will no longer be a dart party event in 2009. A great pity as this was one of the most colourfull events in the dart year. I wish everyone at dart party success in the future.

Congratulations to Co Stompe on his first PDC totle/. Co beat Phil Taylor 4-2 to take the German darts Championship in Halle, germany. Co missed double 18 in the final for a possible 9 dart finish.


The 3rd Nic Visser open took place yesterday, Like many other events the number of entries was far less than was hoped for. The level of darts however was sky high. The 43 players threw 32 maximums, michel v roon was good for 5 of these. The highest finih 161 went to Remco  Wiersma. Have to say that Anekke houben missed the bull for a 164 finish

the results. B round

1st Oscar v Schaik

2nd Marvin Bosschart

3rd kees Oosterlander


A Round

1st Marcel v Amsterdam

2nd Michael Vielvoye

3rd Remco Wiersma

The answer to the quiz is answer B, Eric was in the final 8 times in the eighties. The winner of the two tickets for the PDC pro-tour this weekend in Leiden is Simone Liebergs, congratulations...

Important news, thee qualification event for the PDC pro-tour this friday in Leiden has been cancelled. The pro-tour will still take place as planned.

last Sunday was the 9th open Roermond, just as many other events have had lower enrty fields so was it in roermond as well, what the reason is for the dip in the number of players I have no idea. The event itself went very well, empty boards were very rarely seen and from the second round in the mens event the best of seven was played. Even this didn,t take the momentum out of the tournament which ran smoothly all day. In the finals there were three former champions, Kerstin de Vries (who bust when having left 171 in here semi-final, she threw T20 T20 T19, yes that happen sometimes as well) met Irina Armsrong, Irina was too strong on the day and went on to take her second title. In the mens event Johnny Petermans was once again in the final where Jan v/d Rassel was this year his opponnent. Johnny raced to a 3-0 lead only to see Jan win the next 3 games. It went to 5-5 and it was for the bull for the last leg, with visable emotion Johnny threw the last double to take his second title in roermond.

The best players from the RWDC were Kerstin and Rolf Smeets and both recieved tickets for the Dutch Darts Trophy In Leiden, see you both there..

Results from the first open Maasdonk in Nuland.

In the ladies final Sakia v Zoeren started with a bull finish and went on to beat Denise Traurbach 3-0.

In the mens event there was not the number of players that the organisers had hoped for, however the level of darts was very high.In poule 2 where I played I had one of my better days throwing, managing to beat Antoine Bakel, Christian Overdijk and Pascal v Mourik. My day ended in the last 16 losing 3-1 to Steve West. In the last 8 still in the race were Daniel v Mourik, Steve West, Niels de Ruiter, Dick koster, Toon Greebe, Gino Vos and Braulio Roncero. Only two could reach the final and it was Dick who beat Braulio 5-4 in a final that could have gone both ways.



 Co Stompe will de a definnate starter in the PDC WK later this year. He will recieve a wild card via SBS6 should he not quallify in his own fight.

                       your chance to win two tickets for the PDC pro-tour event in Leiden op 8th + 9th November.

How many times was Eric Bristow in de final of the "Embassy" in the eighties?.

Answer 1. 7 times

Answer  2. 8 times

Answer 3. 9 times


E-mail your answer and leave your name and telephone number to

The winner will be drawn after the finals of open Meijel on the 2nd November. 


Results Heineken open Nederhemert, A very succesfull event, the B final and the ladies final both went the full distance, the mans final saw fantastic darts from both players. Toon went 3-0 down and then took out rights to the triple twenty hitting 7 maximums in the next 6 legs. Even this was not enough to stop Gino who threw just as good to take the title.

Results Men,

1. Gino Vos

2. Toon Greebe

3. Willem Mandgers, Jelle klaasen

5. Rivo Pera, Pim v Veenendaal, Jan v/d Rassel, Leon de Geus.

Results Ladies,

1. Carla Molema

2. Trudy Brands,

3. denise Trouerbach, Charona de Laat

Results B round,

1. Bas Smits,

2. Daniel v Mourik

3. Dennis Zijderhand, Johnny Petermans 

Irish players championship - Sunday,

Mervyn king beats Phil Taylor in the last 16

Jelle Klaasen loses to Dennis priestley in the last 8

Raymond first to reach the final

his opponent - Dennis Priestley


Dennis wins 3-1                


Irish players championship, saturday,

Phil Taylor beat James Wade 3-2 in sets to take the title, Vincent v/d Voort reached the semi-finals.


Today I am pleased to be able to say, that for all the PDC tournaments that take place in Holland, which fall under the leadership of the GDC. I will be filling the position of Master of ceromonies. The first event will be the pro-tour event which takes place in the Holiday Inn in Leiden on the 8th and 9th of November. 

Phil Taylor wins the South African Master invitation tournament, he beat John Part 5-2 in the final

Vincent v/d Voort beat Mark Walsh 7-2 to tak his place in the winners group of the championship league of darts

The draw for the Sky poker world grand prix has been made. Defending champion James Wade begins the defence of his title against Tony Eccles, visit for the full draw.

Co Stompe reached the semi final of the Welsh players championships sunday, he shall rise on the order of merit to approx the 93rd place from 112th. At the start of 2008 his position was 227.

resultats from open Stampersgat,

1st Tony West

2nd Edwin Max,

3rd Michael v Maastrigt - Ronnie Bredewoud.

B. Round,

1st Mark Klaasen,

2nd Peter v/d Veer.

Resultats open Haelen.

1st Johnny Petermans

2nd Jery Hendriks


1st Regina Dooren,

2nd Anneke Houben.

Resultats Cafe de Tijdt.

1st Michael Tholen,

2nd Davyd Venken,


1st Anneke Houben,

2nd Pascalle Fleuren.

Need somwhere to stay in or around Hengelo try, Bed en breakfast Hengelo, visit my links page for their adress.

Melbuun open 2008 in borne was a vry well run event, There were only compliments to be heard afterwards,

1e. Rilana Erades

2e. Mlissa Landkroon

3e. Aileen de Graaf

3e. Corine Jansen

highest finish 131 by Leidy Bareids.

B round

1e. Leidy Bareids

2e. Angelique Meijer

3e. Irina Dalenkit

3e. Wendy Ordelman


1e. Dennis te Kloeze

2e. Lesley Geertsma

3e. Ronald Lenderink

3e. Ahmed Ahmeddij

highest  finish 155 by Bert Boerkamp

B round

1e. Ronnie Peel

2e. Remon Hurrebrink

3e. Ronny Use

3e. Roy Verheij

everything was done and dusted by 19.00uur congratulations for the organisers.

 The first tournament in Cafe Markzicht in Nunspeet was a great success. The two Gary,s were there and put on a fantastic show. There was plenty of passion to be seen in the games which went by quickly in what was a well run event,

in the B final won Robert Jan bouw from Sien van Linden

in the A final won Jan de Weerd 5-4 from Frederik Kerlam

 Saturday evening in Schijndel, not the number of entries that was hoped for, just 67, however the level of darts was great. Having chalked the game Braulio against Joey ter Berg and seeing Joey throw a 11 darter only for him Braulio just kept hitting the trebles, and when the doubles fall as well then theres no coming back, a great game of darts with Braulio progressing.

In the B final it went all the way with Pascal v Mourik landing the last double

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